• Ripple has won a significant victory in its legal battle against the SEC, with Judge Analisa Torres clarifying that XRP is not a security.
• The ruling has sparked a wave of euphoria and solidarity across the crypto community, with exchanges like Coinbase relisting the asset.
• Critics and supporters alike have expressed their support for Ripple’s win, with Adam Cochran buying 1 XRP in solidarity.

Ripple Scores Significant Victory Against SEC

Ripple has scored a major victory in its two-year legal battle against the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). On June 13th, 2023, Judge Analisa Torres clarified that XRP is not a security in her summary judgment ruling. This clarification sent shockwaves throughout the crypto industry as it represented the first major win against U.S regulation of digital assets.

Exchanges Relist XRP After Ruling

The ruling inspired solidarity from both critics and supporters alike. Crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Crypto.com, Gemini, and Kraken who previously delisted XRP due to enforcement fears have now announced that they are relisting it again. In addition, Wuthever World Partner Adam Cochran purchased 1XRP in support of Ripple’s achievement and created an NFT on Zora to commemorate the ruling.

Industry Resilience Celebrated by Community

The Ripple win was celebrated by many within the crypto community who view it as a huge success for the industry as a whole. Coinbase tweeted “W for @ripple W for the industry W for builders W for clear rulebook W for updating system Oh & XRP is now open for trading” expressing their enthusiasm over Ripple’s triumph over regulatory barries.

SEC Authority Over Digital Assets Challenged

Critics argue that this ruling challenges SEC authority over digital assets as most had already been classified as unregistered securities by them prior to this decision in court.. This marks an important moment for blockchain technology companies fighting to establish themselves without running afoul of U.S regulations while allowing investors more freedom when investing in cryptocurrencies or tokens related to them .


Ripple’s victory is seen by many participants in the crypto markets as an important milestone which will help shape future regulatory action towards digital assets worldwide . It serves as evidence of how resilient blockchain technology companies can be when faced with adversity , inspiring hope that further victories like this will continue to occur moving forward .

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