• The article discusses the importance of playing outside and spending time in nature for children’s physical, mental, and social well-being.
• Time spent outdoors provides opportunities to explore, engage with nature, interact with others, and develop physical strength.
• It is recommended that children have access to unstructured outdoor play at least three hours a day.

The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children

Physical Health Benefits

Playing outside can help children to develop their physical strength and motor skills as they run, jump, and climb. Additionally, exposure to sunlight helps children get their daily dose of Vitamin D which contributes to bone health and strength.

Mental Health Benefits

Engaging in outdoor activities increases creativity in kids by giving them the opportunity to explore their environment in new ways. Unstructured play also encourages problem-solving skills as they come up with imaginative games or figure out how to use natural objects around them.

Social Benefits

Socializing outdoors gives kids a chance to interact with other kids from their community as well as adults who supervise them such as parents or coaches. Playing together encourages cooperation and teaches social skills such as decision making or sharing space with others.

Recommendations for Outdoor Playtime

                                                                                    It is recommended that young children have access to unstructured outdoor play at least three hours per day while school-aged children should be engaging in active outdoor activities at least sixty minutes per day. Additionally, it is beneficial for parents/guardians to limit screen time so that there are more chances for outdoor exploration during the weekdays and weekends alike!


Playing outside has tremendous benefits for both physical and mental health development in young children but it is getting harder for parents/guardians due to modern distractions like technology devices or busy lifestyles. It is important for parents/guardians to make an effort towards creating more time for outdoor exploration where kids can enjoy being in nature while learning valuable life lessons through play!

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