• Polygon has announced that it will transform its Proof-of-Stake blockchain to a zkEVM validium.
• The zkEVM validium will have numerous benefits that Polygon PoS did not have, such as lower fees and higher throughput.
• To achieve these goals, the project is leveraging the existing PoS chain’s 100+ validators as the data availability layer.

Polygon Announces Upgrade to zkEVM Validium

Polygon has recently announced an upgrade from its existing Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain to a zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) validium. This new technology will bring numerous benefits, including lower fees and higher transaction throughput than what was previously available on the PoS chain.

How Does zkEVM Validium Work?

Unlike a typical zk-rollup, such as Polygon’s own zkEVM rollup, data posted in the zkEVM validium is stored off-chain rather than on Ethereum itself. This presents multiple benefits, including faster transactions and cheaper posting fees. In order to achieve these goals, Polygon is relying on the existing PoS chain’s 100+ validators as the data availability layer.

The Benefits of Moving to zkEVM Validium

The main benefit of moving from the PoS chain to a zkEVM validium is that it will be more secure and scalable than ever before. As mentioned earlier, transactions will also be faster and less expensive due to data being stored off-chain instead of on Ethereum itself. Finally, since ZK technology is powering all Polygon chains with this upgrade, users can look forward to improved privacy features as well.

What Does This Mean for Validators?

The transition from PoS to zkEVM means that the role of validators will be even more important than ever before in order for this new technology to function properly. The existing 100+ validators on the PoS chain are going to play an unexpected role in providing data availability for this new system – something which was not possible under previous technologies used by Polygon.


In conclusion, transitioning from a Proof-of-Stake blockchain system into a zero knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) validium is no small feat; however, with this upgrade comes numerous advantages in terms of security, scalability and privacy that were not available with previous technologies used by Polygon – making it well worth the effort!

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