Did you forget Neo? Not the developers. The team celebrated this weekend the four years of existence of the project, and teased the passage of new features …

Altcoin Neo announced several new projects , including decentralized storage, in a letter to its community published over the weekend. The Bitcoin Era foundation welcomes the progress of the blockchain for 4 years of existence, and notes the rapid and consequent developments that have crossed the cryptocurrency sector since 2016.

Altcoin made a name for itself last August, by launching a blockchain interoperability protocol , in partnership with Ontology (ONT) and Switcheo (SWTH) . In addition, Neo had chosen to ride the wave of decentralized finance (DeFi), thanks to a protocol based on its blockchain: Flamingo Finance. At its highest, it had locked in more than $ 1.6 billion

Decentralized storage soon available on Neo

Neo officials therefore take advantage of this report to tease two new features for Neo. The first is not surprising: it is a decentralized identity solution (DID) , which was one of the projects in the works at Neo for some time.

But what turns out to be more unexpected is this decentralized storage project that was announced by Neo. It will allow users to host and access their files without having to go through a central body. The idea is not new: Tardigrade has already implemented it, or Filecoin, in a more media-friendly way.

Will decentralized storage make Neo stand out? This is undoubtedly the hope of the developers. Altcoin is still comfortably installed in 22nd place in the ranking of cryptocurrencies by market cap , with $ 1.2 billion. But it struggles to exist within an already saturated ecosystem.

Another competitor in the market?

The decentralized storage project, called NeoFS, could therefore put the spotlight on the Neo project… If it finds its audience. Blockchain storage solutions are indeed generating strong enthusiasm in the community, but are still untested on a large scale – and the recent launch of Filecoin is already raising doubts. In any case, Neo is confident, and believes that these latest developments will allow him to take off:

“With its many extensive features and improvements in security and performance, Neo3 is sure to become the ideal next-generation internet infrastructure for mass adoption . „

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