• Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) has dropped below a multi-year support level.
• Professor Edward Kim withdrew his admin rights to the Commonwealth and other prominent members had to revoke their admin rights.
• Bilbo Baggins, one of the revoked administrators, protested against the move on Twitter.

Terra Luna Classic Drops Below Multi-Year Support Level

The Terra Classic community recently passed proposal #11653 which led to Professor Edward Kim withdrawing his administrator rights from the Commonwealth. This caused Terra Luna’s L1 Joint Task Force team to regain control over the forum. As a result, LUNC dropped below its prior multi-year support levels.

Prominent Members Forced to Revoke Admin Rights

In order to fulfill the requirements of proposal #11653, Professor Edward Kim transferred his administrator rights to L1JTF’s head Vinh Nguyen. However, another prominent blockchain community member named Bilbo Baggins was voted out of the administration panel almost unanimously by the Terra community and also had to revoke his admin rights along with Rexx, another prominent blockchain community member.

Bilbo Baggins Protests on Twitter

Bilbo took to Twitter in protest after being asked to give away his administrative rights from the Commonwealth Forum which he created. On Twitter he called out: “Do not try to use governance in an attempt to steal the one that I have made for the community” and compared it with having someone take over his Twitter account “So if I get a governance prop passed to take over your Twitter account, you have to give it to me, right?” To this other members of Terra Classic responded by pointing out that he created it for everyone in order for them all benefit as a community not just him alone.

Community Responds Unsatisfied With Baggins’ Conduct

The response from other members of Terra Classic was unsatisfactory towards Bilbo’s refusal and they reiterated that he should accept what was decided by voting as part of proposal #11653 and hand over his administrative rights without any further protests in order for everyone else in the forum could benefit from it as well.


Despite requests from other members of Tera Luna Classic’s commonwealth forum asking Bilbo Baggins handover his administrative rights due process was followed through proposal #11653 which led Professor Edward Kim transferring his administrator rights while Mr Baggin refused leading up an uproar among some parts of this blockchain based online forum’s community .

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