• Web3 Antivirus is working to boost crypto security by scanning and blocking malicious transactions.
• QuickNode offers cloud-based development services for blockchain networks.
• Alyra provides educational resources to teach a new generation of blockchain professionals.

Boosting Crypto Security

Web3 Antivirus is working to boost the security of crypto users by scanning incoming transactions and blocking malicious ones. Its proprietary tools and third-party oracles analyze incoming smart contracts for known malicious code, allowing users to stay safe from scams. With tools like these, crypto can become more accessible and user-friendly for mass adoption.

Cloud Development for Blockchain

For developers looking to build decentralized applications on major blockchain networks, QuickNode offers an easy solution. The cloud-based service makes it simple for developers to host their projects without needing to run their own nodes. This reduces the barrier of entry into the blockchain space, enabling more people to start their own crypto projects.

Educating a New Generation of Blockchain Professionals

Alyra provides educational resources with the goal of teaching a new generation of blockchain professionals. Its online training platform provides courses on topics ranging from basic concepts in cryptography to building dApps with Ethereum smart contracts. It also offers mentorship programs so that students can gain hands-on experience in the field before entering the industry as professionals.

The Future of Crypto Adoption

The blockchain startup space has seen rising demand for developers as use cases continue to grow in number and complexity each day. Despite ongoing volatility in markets and macroeconomic risks, startups at Paris Blockchain Week are continuing to build innovative projects that could help drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies in 2023 and beyond.


Companies at Paris Blockchain Week are creating tools that could revolutionize how we use crypto by boosting security and simplifying development processes while also educating a new generation of blockchain professionals who will help shape its future growth trajectory.

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