Keep Your PC Secure And Running After Windows XP Support Ends?

Microsoft Has None To Too Little Competition In The Market

Microsoft Has Lots Of Competition In The Market

As per the announcement of Microsoft to pull support for Windows XP after first week on April 2014, it is going to be a tough time for people using Windows XP. With no more security updates available, the security implications would be huge, more so because this OS commands around 30 per cent of the desktop users. It is only Windows 7 that has more number of users than Windows XP. If you are one among those using Windows XP and wish to continue, then you need to do certain things to keep you PC and data secure after April 2014. As Windows XP has no more security patches available, here are few things you should certainly do at your end.

Have proper Anti – Virus for your computer

To avoid flaws in Windows XP, you need to have appropriate security software installed on your PC. This will surely negate the impact of no longer having security updates from Microsoft. As your existing Anti-Virus might not be good enough to continue, you need to choose a new Anti-Virus carefully. Although, there is a possibility that security companies may stop providing new versions of their software or virus definitions that are compatible with Windows XP, however, this is something which is not going to happen so soon, as there are huge numbers of people using Windows XP.

Update Device Drivers

Get An Updated Versions Of Your Computer Drivers

Get An Updated Versions Of Your Computer Drivers

Device drivers have their own security flaws, which can be misused. So it’s crucial that you keep these drivers updated. On internet you would find new tools such as Device Doctor, which can scan your computer for drivers and enable you to know if there are any updated versions available. However, you need to be extra cautious while using device doctor, as some computers, especially laptops are a little finicky about driver updates and can bear some damages.

Switch or update your browser

Some of us might be using Internet Explorer under Windows XP. If that is the case with your PC, stop it as it is vulnerable to some exploits. Windows XP only supports Internet Explorer 9, which is at least two versions out of date. For your safety, you can switch to Google Chrome or Firefox because they are being constantly updated for Windows XP and you can download the latest version and stay secured that you will get future updates for them too.

Get rid of JAVA for web browsing

In the recent times, Java has had some big failures. What you can do is disable Java from running in browsers, which implies that you can still run standalone Java based applications and your browser will not run this content online. You can do it yourself from the control panel of your PC within Security Tab.

Windows XP Is Out Of Commission... Find a New Windows Version

Windows XP Is Out Of Commission… Find a New Windows Version

Besides the above points, you can also switch to a limited account. Also, you can make sure that you keep all the softwares on your PC up-to-date. Many of the softwares on your PC will update on itself, but not all of them will. So, you need to keep them updated manually. Above all, this would just serve as a temporary solution for couple of months or few years. You should be prepared to try other versions, which could work well for you in coming times.

Love- The Way It Feels!

There Is No Better Feeling Than Falling In Love

There Is No Better Feeling Than Falling In Love

It is mystic, it is mesmerizing, it is unexplainable and it hits you when you least expect it to. ‘Love’ is perhaps one feeling that is paramount in all the species in this World. Animals feel it, humans feel it and well, it is a feeling that each one of us strives to have at least once in our lives. The only confusing thing about love is that it is a very abstract feeling. Different people have different definitions for love and there will always be varied responses when you ask people about the exact feelings when they are in love. The point is, what people feel about love and how do they see it complimenting their lives.

The dilution of priorities

This is something that almost everyone in love will agree to. Love makes you forget your priorities. For once, you think about yourself but then the thoughts do not seem complete. Then, you think about your better half and suddenly, the World seems a better place. People in Love like keeping love as their major priority. Nothing else comes above it and whatever they do, it is done keeping in mind the choices of the person that they love. This is not a perception but it is more about what people in love actually think about it.

Love goes round the World

Everything Looks And Feels Perfect

Everything Looks And Feels Perfect

Yup, there is no word called ‘sadness’ in Love. As long as you are together, the entire world seems to be your playground. You notice beauty in everything that you see and observe and like the way God has made this planet Earth. For people in love, it is a feeling that keeps you floating in the air. One always feels at home and nothing can take away the joy that is prevalent. That’s true. That’s really true!

Love makes you complete

That is what it does. People fall in relationships so that they can make their stay on Earth, a lot easier. We make friends; we fall in love so that we can get rid of our loneliness. People who eventually fall in love always feel that the presence of love has made their lives complete. And that’s a respectable thought since even the holiest of religious books have not refrained from emphasizing the need of love in any being’s life. Love completes people and not just a single person at a time. Two people in love complete each other and they cannot imagine a life without each other.

Love Is In The Air.... Can You Feel It?

Love Is In The Air…. Can You Feel It?

Like said above, there cannot be a comprehensive list of what people in love feel about it but definitely, there are a few things about love that everyone will agree on. You can be in love and never know about it. But once you know, there is nothing that can match the tickles that it gives.

Health Benefits Of Deer Velvet Antler And Its Harvesting

Deer Velvet Antler Has Many Benefits

Deer Velvet Antler Has Many Benefits

Since ages, humans have been using deer’s velvet antler as a medicinal herb to treat lot of diseases. In the recent past it has been more recognized as a wide-spread prospective medicinal source and thus it’s breeding in some countries have increased manifold. Deer produces a natural medicine called velvet antler (also known as pilose deer antler). Historically, Asians have been using deer for a variety of medicinal treatments which ranges from restorative tonics to tumor treatment. Recent researches its pharmacological application has certainly increased and spread to several countries as well.

How it is processed?

While the antlers are developing in a deer, they are covered with a living tissue known as velvet. Taxidermist skills are required to preserve velvet so that antler is left clean. To preserve it, hot water is poured in a bucket and mild soap is added until the hot water is foaming. Velvet antler is placed into the hot water and covered completely into it. After some time, velvet loosens when put in hot water and antlers are pulled off with fingers.

Its usage as an herb

Deer Velvet Antler Is Extracted Carefully

Deer Velvet Antler Is Extracted Carefully

Animal herbs have always been a source of traditional medicine almost in all the countries. Traditional Chinese medicine uses most of ingredients using plants, minerals and animal parts. Among them, Velvet Antler is quite commonly used animal item in most of the Asian countries. It is believed that Chinese has been using Velvet Antler as a part of their traditional medicine for the last 2,000 years. Velvet antler is extracted from various species of deer, especially from two major species Cervus Nippon and Cervus Elaphus.

How to use Velvet Antler

Velvet in deer is used to treat a variety of conditions in human. Roughly, U.S itself imports millions of dollars of antlers every year from New Zealand, which is the biggest source of velvet antler. Although it’s medicinal practice is quite widespread, but the safety of its usage is not defined. It’s recommended not to give it to pregnant women and children. In fact, it’s a little sensitive item and it’s always advised to read instructions of the product usage before using it. Velvet antler comes in pills, teas, injections, powders, drinks and drops. Every form of intake requires different prescription. Understand that there are risks associated with this product. You should always compare velvet antler to proven drugs before starting a regimen to treat certain health issues. Your doctor is the best person to tell you its side effects and risks involved. If any serious side effects such as stomach ache arise, report it immediately to your doctor.

ºTake Advantage Of Its Benefits.. Start Using Deer Velvet Antler

Take Advantage Of Its Benefits.. Start Using Deer Velvet Antler

To sum up, researchers are still exploring velvet antler’s potential for minimizing muscle tissue damage and increasing recovery time in athletes. Some potential benefits of velvet antler are increased red blood cell counts, increased blood output from heart, anemia treatments, treating chronic circulatory disorders and treating kidney dysfunctions. On the other hand it is also recommended for impotence, infertility, back pains, dizziness and cold sensations.

How To Deal With A Spouse With Poor Spending Habits

Don't Let Your Spouse's Spending Habits Ruin The Marriage

Don’t Let Your Spouse’s Spending Habits Ruin The Marriage

People have different spending habits. Yours can be different from that of your spouse. Habits are acquired patterns of behavior that are regularly done. An example of a spending habit is spending lots of money after your payday or the habit of giving money to charity at the end of every year. Spending habits are hard to break. But if it complements your partner’s way of handling money, there should be no problem. If it has been causing marital issues and debts, then you should deal with it right away.

Understand That People Look At Spending Differently

Couples have different perceptions of spending. It is very rare that both partners are involved in creating the budget for the household. If the two of you have jobs and your salaries are almost equal, you can easily divide the expenses into two. No person that has his or her own income would want to seek the approval of another before spending it.

Approach Your Partner In A Loving Way

Speak About The Issue

Speak About The Issue

Do not accuse him or her. Accusing your spouse will only build a wall between the two of you. You can tell your spouse that you want to monitor your spending habits as a married couple. You can also talk about ways to save for something you really want. The trick here is to make him or her feel that you are in it together.

Come Up With A Budget

If you have not created a budget yet, this is the right time to do it. If you already have one in place, you can take a look at it one more time and make some revisions. Let your spouse see what your income is and how much you are spending. You can show your partner how overspending is leading to debts. Of course, it is so much better if your spouse will be the one to conclude that you have debts without you pointing it out to him or her.

Identify Ways To Control Spending

Now that your partner knows what the problem is, help him or her control spending. You can agree to spend a certain amount after every pay period. Once that money is exhausted, your partner has to become a tightwad because you are no longer allowed to spend any more money than what was initially agreed.

Set Goals That Are Realistic

Set long-term goals that are realistic. Perhaps you need to get out of debt or you want to have an emergency fund. Maybe you want to start saving for retirement. Making goals together will not only improve your financial status, but will also help your marriage.

Agree What To Spend Money On

Agree What To Spend Money On

It is normal for married couples to have different spending habits. Do not allow it to ruin the relationship. At some point, you will have to talk to your partner about it. Why not do it today? Bad spending habits can destroy any marriage so act on it before it ruins yours. Finally, be sure to evaluate your efforts and see if you are on the right track. Make any changes when necessary.

Need A Website? Outsource The Job To A Website Design Company

Introducing Your Business Through Social Media

Introducing Your Business Through Social Media

Are you planning to get a website for your company and wondering who can get it done for you? Creating a website is an important part of any business and almost all the successful businesses are online. There are many ways you can get the website designed for your company too. You can hire freelance web designers to build your website. You can also outsource your job to a professional web design company. Most of the companies outsource job to professional companies rather than freelancers. If you are still wondering how a website design company will help your business, here are some answers.

Do you know why you need a website?

The question is whether you understand the importance of having online presence of your business? It goes without saying that in today’s time if you want to be really successful you should have online presence. The reason is pretty simple. Internet is virtually everywhere and it is limitless. If you want to reach out to a large number of people internet is the way forward. Therefore you need to have a website so that people know that you and your brand exist. No matter what is the nature of your business, if you have not created a website yet, you should do it now.

Good website developers know how to create a professional website

Hire A Known Professional

Hire A Known Professional

When you are creating a website for your business, you want to give it a professional look. Therefore it is important that you outsource the work to a reputed company which can get the job done for you. You will have to pay some extra money to the company but the dividends will be much higher. Getting the job done by a freelancer may not get you the results you are looking for. A professional looking website will attract more attention and more traffic. A professional web developer will know what kind of website is needed for your type of business. He will be able to design it according to your needs and demands.

Professional web developers will take care of SEO

If you have a website, the most important thing is to get the traffic on it. If you are not getting enough unique visitors the website is rendered useless. To attract more traffic on your website there are many tips you can use. For instance, you can promote your website on the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can create a page on these social media portals and get the subscriber base. However, other than this there is another thing you need for your website which only a professional web developer can incorporate. You need your website optimized for search engine results. It simply means that when a user searches for certain keywords related to your business your website should appear on the top on the search engines such as Google. If you want to optimize your site for search engines get the help of a web developer.

Your Website Is The Face Of Your Business

Your Website Is The Face Of Your Business

To sum it up, you need a website for your business if you want to be really successful. It is better that you hire a website design company that can design your site professionally and also optimize it for search engine results.