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The whole world was one big stage in Shakespeare’s time, but it’s still a big stage nowadays when the modern culture has taken over. Scattered all over the world there are thousands of amazing theatres hosting actors, plays and celebrating the art of acting, opera and movies as well. Roughly speaking, if you take a glance at the theatres in some country, you will get a quite realistic idea of how they treat their national culture and aspects of spiritual life in general.

theatar-masksAlmost every theatre has this solemn, elegant atmosphere inside however glamorous its architecture is, but some theatres around the world are particularly breathtaking. Their interior, historical value and importance, tradition and quality of the play they host rate them among top beauties of modern civilization and you should list them in you “must visit” plans for future.

Minack Theatre is slightly an exception to those expectations of glamour and ornaments all over the place. This theatre will give you full insight in how plays were performed during Roman times. The theatre was carved right in the stones and rocky terrain where it’s settled keeping natural shape of an area as much as possible. A number of seats is quite limited, the stage is nothing but flat stone surface, but the impressive acoustic allows actors to express themselves vividly is what provides an audience with a memorable experience.

The only double – decker theatre in the world, Elgin and Winter Garden theatre center is settled in Toronto. Ornately decorated walls, incredible illumination, clear acoustic and unique leafy ceiling construct atmosphere of glory and timeless values. No other theatre came close to the experience you will get here.

Palais Garnier in Paris is the place where six-ton crystal chandelier crashed from a ceiling and killed a person. It’s also one of the greatest opera houses known for its astonishing acoustic achieved without any kind of amplification. The place is constructed to host opera, library and museum and its Parisian style of interior fit perfectly into all its roles.

sjr-theater-11The Seebuhne is something completely outstanding. This floating stage was constructed in Australia in the waters of Lake Constance. The stage is literally floating on the water and the audience sits around it at the beach. Copenhagen Opera House is known for its construction which is one of the most expensive ones worldwide and Venice’s La Fenice theatre is the art institution with almost three hundred years long tradition famous as the theatre burned down twice during that history and constructed again in a more beautiful manner every time.

Manoel Theatre in Malta survived somehow undamaged during the WW II, when soldiers used it as a bomb shelter. It’s among the oldest working theatres worldwide.

Credits_-_MTA_[5]Japanese culture never fails to amaze. If you find yourself in Tokyo, you have to visit their Nation Noh Theatre. Theatre hosts their traditional music dramas but don’t be shocked if the play lasts a whole day long.

This brief randomized sneaking into some of the most beautiful and intriguing theatres around the world is just a small part of theatre world our blog explores thoroughly. If you are equally in love with drama, plays, opera, ballet and the whole astonishing atmosphere surrounding theatres, scroll through these pages, you’ll have a pleasant journey.

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